Linux – Stuck on “Preparing automatic repair” loop windows 10

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Just a few hours ago I was installing an update for Windows 10 and then it started turning on and off. I let it do it's thing for a while until I found it odd that it would do it so much.

When I looked closer I found that it followed a simple pattern:

Turn on, try to load OS, fail (Or at least it seems so), restart, Show "Preparing automatic repair", turn off and the cycle begins again.

What my case has different from all others I saw is that I am using the very laptop that doesn't work since I have Linux running along-side of it.

I can access all the files and probably do some other stuff that might help but I'm not sure what to do.

Help would be appreciated.

Best Answer

In your BIOS, change XD-bit (No-execute Memory Protect) to ENABLE.

I had this exact issue last night, and this BIOS change resolved it.

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