Linux – Problems with Moonlight on Linux Mint


I am just started to using Linux Mint.

I wanted to view a Microsoft Silverlight page, but, i needed Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft redirected me, with my FireFox on Linux Mint, to Moonlight. I downloaded and installed the plugin. Restarted my Firefox serveral times, but still, the page is telling me to install Microsoft Silverlight.


PS: No it does not help giving the link, it's in Dutch.

Best Answer

One thing it might be worth trying is to install Moonlight through your package manager rather than from the webpage.

The Debian/Ubuntu package for this is moonlight-plugin-mozilla, so it should be the same on Linux Mint. I would use aptitude (command-line) or synaptic (GUI) to search for and then install this package.

If you use synaptic just search for moonlight and then pick the plugin to install.

e.g. if you use aptitude then:

sudo aptitude install moonlight-plugin-mozilla

However, bear in mind that Moonlight isn't 100% complete, so it doesn't match Silverlight feature for feature. It's perhaps possible that for the page you're looking at Moonlight isn't up to speed.

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