Linux – Installing different keyboard layout on live debian image


I've downloaded a debian vm image for some testing: (280mb)

It's a Debian Squeeze machine. I want to use the Belgian layout (which is AZERTY) in stead of the default QWERTY. There is no X server installed.

What I've tried (everything as root)

  • setxkbmap be -> 'command not found'

  • dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration -> runs fine, but keyboard stays in QWERTY after selecting Belgium keyboard

  • dpkg-reconfigure console-data -> "'console-data' is not installed and no info is available"

  • apt-get install console-data -> package 'console-data' has no installation candidate. I also ran apt-get update and my apt list contains the debian urls.

  • edit /etc/default/keyboard manually. I then read I should restart /etc/init.d/hal, but that service doesn't exist

  • some other things I can't remember

  • locale-gen fr_FR -> It says "Generating locales", but only shows en_US.UTF-8. No fr_FR to be found.

  • dpkg-reconfigure locales The first list has all the locales where I select fr_Fr. The second screen (default locale) only gives en_US as option.

What else can I try?

Best Answer

I got it working by doing this:

apt-get update
apt-get install console-data

console-data appears to run automatically, so select "choose from full list" -> AZERTY

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