Linux – How to download an entire folder with aria2


Aria2 is a great wget replacement, having a lot of features like multi-threading, split download,download resume, etc

But having all this features and option can make it hard to do some specific commands.

I want to download this XOWA entire folder from here with 10 simultaneous downloads, and the file split in 4 segments from this directory:

To download a single file split in 4 segments I use:

aria2c -s 4 -x 4 

But I want to download all the directory much like the wget -r option does but with 10 concurrent download files and 4 segment download per each file, how can I do that using Aria2.

Best Answer

aria2c does not support recursive download. It does not read the downloaded resource to extract links to other resources.

You can prepare the list of links in a text file and then pass it to aria2c to download.

For more info, see Input File section in aria2 documentation.

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