Linux – How to create a superuser from the command line in Ubuntu?

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How can I create a superuser in Ubuntu 11.10? I need to create it using the command line.

Either we could change a normal user to become a superuser, or we could create a superuser right away.

Best Answer

You can create a new user simply using the adduser(8) command.

To make it a user capable of performing sudo, add him to the sudo group using either of the following commands:

sudo usermod -a -G sudo <username>
sudo adduser <username> sudo

This works because the sudo group is predefined in /etc/sudoers. Note though that older versions of Ubuntu will use admin as group instead:

Until Ubuntu 11.10, the Unix group for administrators with root privileges through sudo had been admin. Starting with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, it is now sudo, for compatibility with Debian and sudo itself. However, for backwards compatibility, admin group members are still recognized as administrators

For any other customization, refer to the Sudoers documentation.

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