Linux – How to add a command in vim editor


If suppose my source code file name is "foo.c".
While editing and debugging i always execute this command:-

:!gcc -g foo.c -o foo;gdb foo

Can I add a custom command to Vim such that If i type ":debug" then the above command executes?
How do I achieve that?

Best Answer

Yes. Vim documentation, section 40.2, Command-line mappings:

The Vim editor enables you to define your own commands. You execute these commands just like any other Command-line mode command. To define a command, use the ":command" command, as follows:

:command DeleteFirst 1delete

Now when you execute the command ":DeleteFirst" Vim executes ":1delete", which deletes the first line.

Note: User-defined commands must start with a capital letter. You cannot use ":X", ":Next" and ":Print". The underscore cannot be used! You can use digits, but this is discouraged.

Put that line in your ~/.vimrc (minus the inital : of course) and it will be defined every time you start vim. Also, use %:t to make reference to the file being edited (writing ! gcc %:t gets replaced by ! gcc foo.c).

If you'd only like it to be defined for the one file, or for certain files, you want an autocommand.

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