Linux – How switch between screen inside screen


I have to work inside two environment. One Windows (local) and one Linux (remote).
I've installed the screen linux utility in both.
I'm able to open a screen on my windows, then in one tab, I opened a ssh connection to the linux remote and I start another screen.


linux  -- |0 linux remote 0| 1 linux remote 1 
windows-- |0 linux | 9 windows 

I can switch between "linux remote 0" and "linux remote 1" using Atl+.
This is configured in .screenrc (bindkey "^[0" select 0)
How could I switch to "9 windows"?

Best Answer

Ah. screen-in-screen... very Inception. We need to go deeper...

That being said, you can send a ctrl-A to a nested screen by doing Ctrl-AA.