Linux – git clone into a directory without cloning the project name as a directory (using bitbucket)


I'm a small business and for the most part only use git locally to track history then SFTP the files to the remote server.

I now have a much larger more complicated build that to be set up properly requires a production, a staging, and a development server.

I'm trying to set up git so I can merge changes from development and push/pull to the staging environment for deployment testing, then again to production.

So far, I've installed git on production and development. I've also created a Repo via Bitbucket and commit/pushed the contents of my httpdocs folder to master. I thought this would mean I can simply clone then branch directly into my httpdocs folder on development.

However, when I tried to pull these files into the development environement to make the development branch it included a folder with my project name(I never created this folder). I ended up with httpdocs/MyProjectName/Files

My questions are:

  1. Did I do something wrong in setup?
  2. Is there a way to configure git so it knows I want the files not the containing directory?
  3. Can I clone in a way that only pulls the contents of MyProjectName but not the directory?

I don't want my workflow to include pull then copy to httpdocs.

Best Answer

git clone [repository] [local path]

If your working directory is your desired destination, simply put a .

$ git clone .
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