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How do I copy files from a USB flash drive in Ubuntu Linux from command line? When I copy these files from USB to a local folder I get "permissions denied" using the GUI.

On the command line I can use sudo, but how do I become a super user using the GUI?

Best Answer

In Ubuntu, all USB drives, once mounted, are in the /media directory

cp /media/your-usb/file-in-usb ~

That copies a file on your USB disk to the user's home directory, assuming the drive is called your-usb and the file is file-in-usb.

I am not sure why you need permissions to copy from the USB to a local file. Maybe you don't have permission to access the USB or you are trying to copy them to a directory where you don't have permissions. I would do this to find the permissions of the files on the USB drive:

ls -l /media/your-usb/

Post the result of this and the directory you are trying to copy the files to.

I don't recommend running the GUI file manager under super user privileges, but this but this is how you would launch Nautilus in root mode:

gksudo nautilus
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