Laptop’s audio jack only works when bent at an angle


My laptop's audio jack sends audio out no matter what. The problem is that if you plug it in, it sounds as if it's not sending "everything". I don't don't know to explain "everything" since I'm not an audio junkie. For example, there won't be any bass. Though, when I bend the headphone cord (the initial part that actually connected to the laptop) the audio changes. Sometimes, if I bend it the right way, I can get 100% audio. Sometimes, I have put something on the end of the audio cord to force it to bend.

I'm not sure if this is a permanent thing, so something I can fix. Is this a common issue? Can it be fixed?

EDIT1: I'm pretty sure that it's the laptop since I've used multiple headphones and have the same results. I use the same headphones on another laptop or iPod and it works fine.

EDIT2: It's good to note that this audio jack is used for both speaker and microphone.

Best Answer

Once you rule out the headphones themselves, the obvious answer is that the laptop's jack is damaged.

Rarely, sound cards may allow you to use the microphone jack as a headphone jack; this would be a good solution. Failing that, your best bet is buying a USB sound card, or even better, a USB DAC with built-in headphone amplifier

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