Windows 7 Shortcuts – How to Dock to Top of Screen

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I have a widescreen monitor at work that I have rotated 90 degrees – effectively making it a "longscreen" monitor. I find the long profile much more useful for code.

I know I can use Win + Left/Right to move a window to the left or right half of the screen respectively, similarly Win + Up/Down will maximise or minimise.

The question is, are there a similar key combinations to move a window to the top or bottom half of the screen for when I am using the "longscreen" monitor?

edit: Since its a work controlled machine, it is hard to get software installed so a native solution would be best.

Best Answer

Aero snap doesn't support half/half horizontally which is what you are doing with the keys. You can however arrange two windows horizontally if they are in the same program by shift-right-clicking on the program group if two or more windows are open and then stack horizontally.

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