Is it safe for the bottom of a hard drive to be touching or almost touching a metal drive bay

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I'm installing a new hard-drive, and have mounted it on something like this. After screwing the HDD down onto the drive adapter, I've realised there's very little clearance between its metal and the drive's PCB.

I tried to take a picture to illustrate this as best as possible, but the gap between is essentially less than 1mm, as far as I can tell. The circular part of the drive (the platter?) hangs lower than the PCB itself, and so is even closer to touching the metal.

enter image description here

I'm wary of installing the hard-drive like this in case it shorts or otherwise results in a failure once booted up.

Am I being paranoid? Is this standard operation for mounting HDDs in a desktop?

Best Answer

Yes, drives are designed to be mounted like this. (Metal brackets are very common). Also, if you have a look at the bottom of any SATA 2.5" or 3.5" drive, you will see mounting holes for just this purpose ! The frame of the drive is actually slightly deeper then the complementary, so you are probably making it work imperceptibly better by blocking and sinking some RF transmissions the circuit board might otherwise be exposed to.

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