RAID Storage – Is a RAID Controller Easily Replaceable?

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I'm thinking about setting up my next computer with RAIDed external storage.

I've looked into the various kinds of RAID and their advantages and disadvantages, so I'm happy about the various consequences of a drive failing.

What I'm unclear on is what happens if the RAID enclosure or controller itself fails somehow. Is it generally just a case of moving those disks to another controller which supports the same RAID? Or is RAID implementation specific, so that one controller's RAID5 might be incompatible with another?

Best Answer

There is no one answer fits all. It really depends on the make and model of Raid controller.

Some have built in storage/memory, others can use a part of the hard drive itself to store its firmware.

You can be pretty guaranteed (but not always) that in case of a failure, getting another identical model will just work, but do not count that switching manufacturers/models will work.

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