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I have iPod nano 4th generation. I'm using Ubuntu Linux. There is no iTunes release for Linux. But I want to use as many iPod features as I can.

  • Importing music is simple, I can use almost any media player: Rythmbox, Amarok, Exaile, etc.
  • For importing calendars I've wrote custom bash script, which downloads ical files from Google Calendar and copies to iPod on mounting. This works fine.
  • Notes – almost the same: script for copy & paste.

But how I can sync podcasts and add audio books? If I transfer some podcasts or audio books as simple audio files, these files appears next to all music. It doesn't looks comfortable when shuffling around songs starts playing chapter from any audio book… iTunes also lets set custom parameters for audio files ex. play continuously (comfortable for audio books). How I can get these features on Linux? What software do you use with your iPod on Linux?

Best Answer

GtkPod will work, it isn't the most beautiful but it is functional.

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