How to Increase Mean Volume of a Video or Audio File

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I have a video file which most of its sound is too quiet. I analysed it with FFmpeg (ffmpeg -af volumedetect) and it gave me the following stats:

n_samples: 1240911872
mean_volume: -31.9 dB
max_volume: -0.0 dB
histogram_0db: 76
histogram_1db: 319
histogram_2db: 681
histogram_3db: 2580
histogram_4db: 8232
histogram_5db: 18019
histogram_6db: 33747
histogram_7db: 60315
histogram_8db: 100737
histogram_9db: 158403
histogram_10db: 242167
histogram_11db: 361734
histogram_12db: 527198

The max volume is already at 0dB so I can't just increase the volume, otherwise it will distort the loudest parts.

How can I increase the mean volume without clipping the peaks?

Best Answer

Yes. What you will need to do is "dynamic range compression", followed by an overall boost of volume level do bring the peaks back up to 0dBFS. Any of a large number of sound editing programs can do this. Audacity (free) simply calls the tool "Compressor" and it does have the gain compensation feature. Here's their help page:

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