IE8 – Can’t add sites to favorites bar


I can't add new sites to IE8 Favorites Bar anymore. I can remove already existing sites from the Favorites bar without any problems. It was working before but I can't quite pinpoint the moment when it stopped working.

The current situation is this:

  • When I click the "Star with the green arrow" (aka Add to favorites bar) button then nothing at all happens – no new bookmark, no errors.
  • When I open the "Favorites" menu, click "Add to favorites", select Create in: Favorites Bar and click Add then I get this error:

Unable to create '':

Unspecified error

alt text
alt text

How could I fix this?

I also tried with Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) – the same problem.

Best Answer

A workaround would be to drag a shortcut from the URL bar to the Favorites bar. (this is how I have always done it, just too easy)

You could also try an IE8 reset. Read carefully before doing it, you can lose some IE data in the process.

If i was the conspiracy theory type, I would say MS did it on purpose when trying to link to Google. ;-)