I dropped the computer on the floor and now it won’t boot. Why is this happening?


A couple of days ago I started up my computer and for some reason, I would press the power button, the computer would power up and the fan would make the same noise as usual. Except, normally, it would slow down after about 5-10 seconds. However, the loud noise of the fan was persistent and wouldn't stop.

Furthermore, the OS wasn't starting and my screen remained blank. So I hoovered over the grills covering the fan to clear out the dust, which miraculously worked. However, today I am having the same issue.

This time however, I was the cause, as I dropped the computer on the floor and now the fan makes the loud noise when I power up the computer and the OS doesn't start.

Could you please tell me what the issue could be? My computer is a Dell vostro 200 slim with a Vista OS.

Best Answer

Possible reasons for a system not booting after one has dropped it, in order of least likely to most likely:

  • Component dislodged from motherboard due to impact. Items to suspect in order are: RAM, CPU or case fan, expansion/graphics card, SATA cable, or possibly a jumper on the motherboard may have gotten loose.

  • Component damaged due to stress induced by attached cord pulling (i.e. VGA socket may be damaged if the fall caused a cable to pull on it too hard).

  • CPU worked loose due to impact and isn't fully making contact with board socket, or board socket has been damaged.

  • Component damaged due to impact. Items to suspect in order are: hard drive, daughterboard component along side containing USB or audio ports, power switch, power supply, motherboard or plugin-component such as RAM or motherboard.

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