I accidentally closed the GIMP toolbox. Can I get it back


While trying to quit the GIMP image editor, I inadvertently clicked the cross on the main toolbox (the one with selection/painting tools, etc). Now, the toolbox seems to be permanently lost, even after restarting.
Is there anything I can do to get it back, or alternatively, how can I reconstruct it?

I'm using version 2.8.2 on Windows XP, with the multiple window layout.

Best Answer

There are two possible solutions I can see:

  1. If the GIMP session is still open, restore the toolbox you just closed by going to Windows -> Recently Closed Docks, and it should be there in the list. Windows -> Recently Closed Docks -> Toolbox - Tool Options

  2. Otherwise, go to Edit -> Preferences in the Window Management section, and press the Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values button. If you customised either of your palettes (or added new ones), then this method will lose those changes. Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management -> Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values

To prevent this happening in future, you can uncheck the Save window positions on exit checkbox (same page), so the toolbox always reappears when you restart GIMP, no matter if you closed it earlier or not.

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