How to turn ON bluetooth in Dell Inspiron


I bought a new Dell Inspiron laptop a month ago. The company had pre-installed all the required software in my laptop. As such, the bluetooth used to be switched ON whenever I switched on my machine.

However, a few days later, the bluetooth stopped working. I re-started the Laptop and it was ON!

Now I am facing this problem very frequently. As such, the wi-fi connection doesn't work unless the bluetooth is switched ON. The bluetooth turns ON after a few re-boots and sometimes doesn't turn ON for many days.

Does anybody know any trick to keep the bluetooth ON everytime I switch ON my machine?

P.S: The Dell manual did not help.

Best Answer

Perhaps there's a setting in your BIOS. Check there.

Check for the appropriate key combination to enter the BIOS in your manual - for Dell laptops it's sometimes F2 or DEL or Fn+F1.

One more thing to check - your power saving options might be turning the Bluetooth adapter off after some period of inactivity. Check the device properties in Device manager - click START > RUN... devmgmt.msc

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