DirectX – How to Tell if DirectX 9.0c is Installed


This is related to this question >> DirectX 11 is installed but programs say DirectX 9.0c is needed

But more so that I don't get "errors" saying I don't have DirectX 9.0c installed, but I can't launch Retroarch and I'm thinking it's related to DirectX 9.0c not being installed. I get an error relating to memory that can't be written, but this could be related to other things like how I use GPU Passthrough via vt-d or Windows 10 LTSB. (Retroarch launches with the video_driver set to "gdi", but not with GL or D3D)

So to confirm if I even have the DLL's required/installed for DirectX 9.0c installed, how can I check?

Best Answer

I found something called the "DirectX 9.0c Control Panel" which verified the installation for me.

Couldn't find offical DL but here it is @ MajorGeeks >>

enter image description here

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