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Is there a possibility I can find the average per month (30 days) of a count sum column in a pivot table? If I use the average as summing value I get number one only

What I get is this:

Month   Transfers  Average 
June    1          1
July    2          1
August  1          1

Whereas it should be something like

Month   Transfers  Average
June    1          0.333
July    2          0.667
August  1          0.333

Is there an easy way to do this?

Best Answer

I think you are looking for the 'calculated field' functionality. Go to the Pivot Table "Options" when you highlight the pivot table in the ribbon and click on "formulas"

enter image description here

Then the calculated field option. Which presents you with the following:

enter image description here

Name your field 'average' and then write the formula required. To reference a field already in the pivot you need to enclose the field name in '

So your formula would look like:


Click OK to add it and you end up with a calculated field attached to the pivot table:

enter image description here

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