How to set up a local webDAV server for use with Goodreader on the ipad


I need to know how to set up a local webDav server on my PC so that goodreader on ipad can automatically sync with it over the local wifi network?

I am really a rookie when it comes to setting up a web server and have tried various guides on the internet. I tried setting up a webdav server using IIS and forwarded the required ports and enabled webdav publishing but goodreader can find it in the local wifi network automatically nor is it able to connect even after manually entering the credendtials.

So i'll be really greateful if someone who has successfully setup a webdav server for use with goodreader can point me on how to do it?

Best Answer

Take a look at the BarracudaDrive WebDAV server which is designed for rookies :-)

GoodReader/GoodSync is listed on the "compatible clients" list:

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