How to set Text Block Alignment to “Top” in Visio as Default


Is there a way to set the default Text Block Alignment in Visio 2007 to top so that every shape I create will be set to Top instead of Middle.

Best Answer

This is another good application of the Visio Styles feature.

First, (enable the Drawing Explorer)[].

One the Drawing Explorer is enabled, right-click on the Normal style and select Define Styles...

Drawing Explorer

Then the Define Styles dialog will appear. In the Change section click the** Text** button.

Define Styles Dialog

The Text Dialog will appear. Select the Text Block tab and under** Alignment** select Top.

Text Dialog

Click OK and then Apply.

Now any shape you draw will have by-default its text aligned at the top. For shapes that you Drop from a stencil, these dropped shapes will typically be set to a different style specific to their stencil. Just drop a shape, and repeat the above procedure for the default style used in the stencil.

ProTip: Create a custom toolbar and add the Style button to it, so that you can easily see what style is set on a selected shape.

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