How to roll back 1 commit


I have 2 commits that I did not push:

$ git status
# On branch master
# Your branch is ahead of 'faves/master' by 2 commits.

How can I roll back my first one (the oldest one), but keep the second one?

 $ git log
commit 3368e1c5b8a47135a34169c885e8dd5ba01af5bb

commit baf8d5e7da9e41fcd37d63ae9483ee0b10bfac8e

From here:

Do I just need to do:

git reset --hard baf8d5e7da9e41fcd37d63ae9483ee0b10bfac8e

That is?

Best Answer

The safest and probably cleanest way to go is to rebase interactively.

git rebase -i HEAD^^


git rebase -i baf8d5e7da9e41fcd37d63ae9483ee0b10bfac8e^

From there you can squash commits, which puts one or more commits together into the previous commit. To completely delete a commit from the history, delete the line from the list.

You can revert a commit with git revert but its going to add more commit messages to the history, which may be undesirable. Use the -n parameter to tell Git not to commit the revert right away. You can rebase interactively and squash those on up to a previous commmit to keep things clean.

If the two commits you're working with here affect the same file(s), you may see a merge conflict.

Resetting the repository with git reset --hard should be done with care, as it cannot be undone.

Rewriting history should be done with care.

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