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I installed kubuntu-kde4-desktop package on my Ubuntu 9.04 install to give KDE a fair shake since I've always wanted to try it. I'm not done with it yet, but if I decide I want to go back to my tried and true favorite Gnome setup how do I go about removing the KDE stuff easily without having to track down all the components in Synaptic?

I understand that kubuntu-kde4-desktop is a meta-package that works as a pointer to all the packages needed for the full KDE desktop experience, and as such I think I've seen that you can't simply do this:

$ sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-kde4-desktop

How do I remove the stuff if I decide not to use it in a simple one command way?

UPDATE: I've added the opposite of this question here.

Best Answer

$ sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-kde4-desktop

$ sudo apt-get autoremove

will remove all the dependant packages it pulled in. Alteratively, if you use aptitude like so

$ sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-kde4-desktop

it'll remove all the dependant packages for you automatically. Personally I prefer the manual control of apt-get, and it'll tell you when there are packages that can be autoremoved next time you use it anyway.

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