How to recover data from dead hard disk (with tic tic noise)

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I have an HP server with a two-year-old 174 GB hard disk. Suddenly, the server cannot boot from hard disk. The drive makes noises (tic tic tic) and the server says the hard drive should be replaced.

I opened the front cover of the server and noticed the red LED of the hard disk is illuminated.

That hard disk holds very important data. Is there any way to recover the data from it?

Best Answer

The "tic tic tic" is most likely the actuator arm (or what controls it) has failed. The best and safest thing to do at this point is to send the drive to a hard drive recovery specialist. This is especially true if the data is truly as important as you say it is. There is no point in risking damaging the drive, and subsequently the data, even more using "tricks" that have been known (or not) to recover a hard drive.

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