Linux – How to recover a partition accidently deleted with fdisk (Linux)


I am using FC6 in VMware, I accidently deleted my partition by using fdisk, it told me that after the restart, the partition will be deleted. Now I lost all my important data in that drive. What are the ways to recover this partition?


I installed teskdisk, after running it I did following

  1. After disk selection I got that /dev.hdd/ is the drive that I am looking for. So I select it.

  2. After that I go to the "Analyze" option.

  3. After a quick search it found all files I am looking for.

Now can you please tell me how to recover this partition?

Best Answer

Depending how you managed to delete your partition, testdisk might be able to recover it. It's available on countless live-cd including:

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