Windows – How to mass relocate the iTunes library

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I have all the files in my iTunes library sitting on a NAS. It is accessed via a Windows share. I've changed my NAS last week and the new one exposes the data via a differently named share. For example, files were previously in a \\nas\A1Disk1 share, but are now in \\nas\Disk1.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to change the name of the share.

How can I change my iTunes library to point to a new share without having to re-import everything?

iTunes is running in Windows 7 and it is set to NOT keep the Media folder organized.

Best Answer

This article helped me quite a lot in fully understanding the itunes libary concept. To make it short: Without commiting to letting iTunes organize the files it isn't possible. The problem is the difference between referenced and managed-by-iTunes files. If the files are completely managed by iTunes it can work quite well to change the Main folder even when migrating to OS X. But if they're only referenced, you're out of luck.