How to make Notepad++ delete lines like Eclipse does

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Eclipse has a keyboard shortcut which deletes either the current line (if nothing is selected) or all lines which are part of the currently selected text: Ctrl+D.

Is there a way to make Ctrl+D do the same thing in Notepad++?

The best I could do is remap the shortcut to Scintilla's SCI_LINE_DELETE, but that only deletes one line at a time, even if the selection spans multiple lines.

Best Answer

Ctrl + Shift + L will achieve the same effect.

Ctrl + L will delete the line but will also keep it in your clipboard replacing clipboard contents.

I'm not sure if you can map Ctrl+D to do the same thing or not. I've not really messed with the keyboard mappings with Notepad++ since they are very similar to those of Visual Studio