How to make a bootable command prompt usb

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There are many ways to make bootable Windows USB pen drive, but I would like to make a bootable windows command prompt from an USB pen drive.

Is there a way using diskpart or another program? If not, is there a way to make a bootable Linux terminal via USB?

Best Answer

Current best method:

Since some year, practically all of the distributions have a bootable ISO image. It results, you can simply write out the ISO to the USB device, and it will boot:

dd if=linux.iso of=/dev/sdd

Of course double-check if you gave to correct block device.

Old method, only for Windows client machines:

Download the iso image of your most beloved linux distribution (if there isn't any, I suggest you ubuntu). They are freely downloadable from their homepage.

Download the tool named unetbootin for windows.

This unetbootin can write an iso image to an usb pendrive.

After you booted ubuntu from the pendrive, you can freely call a terminal program, or with ctrl/alt/f2 can you switch to command line console mode.

Good luck!

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