How to Lock CD/DVD Drive to VirtualBox Guest System


I have VirtualBox running on my Win7. The guest system is a Win2000.

Now I want to test a DVD I got for Christmas with a software collection on it. Since I'm aware of autorun and other self-installing stuff I figured I should test the DVD in the guest system first and see what it does.

In order to do this I thought it would be best to lock the DVD-drive to the guest system so that the host system doesn't even see the new DVD. I just want to make 100% sure that nothing changes on the host system.

In another question somebody's drive disappeared on the host system when using the guest system, but he used Unix. If I could do the same in Windows this might solve it.

In short: Is there a way I can lock the drive to the guest system and hide it from the host system?

Best Answer

At least with VirtualBox 4.2.6, this isn't possible on a Windows host unless the CD/DVD drive is attached through USB, and you can use USB capture to allow the guest exclusive access to the device. A more common SATA or IDE drive will be shared with the guest, even if you select the "Passthrough" option on the virtual storage configuration.

More info is available here:

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