How to install server JRE in windows7 64 bit


  1. I downloaded server-jre-7u21-windows-x64.tar.gz from the link

  2. Unzipped the .gz file and got file
    server-jre-7u21-windows-x64 without extension.

  3. I tried to install it by just double click. But unable to install?

    Can anybody suggest me how to do this?

Best Answer

OP probably already solved, but for others, I had the same problem- for some reason the file downloads as: server-jre-7u21-windows-x64.gz

When you extract it, you just get the tar file without an extension. Attempting to extract the tar (using 7-zip in my case) gives you invalid output (empty folders).

To fix, just rename the downloaded file to: server-jre-7u21-windows-x64.tar.gz

Extracting the gz then the tar should get you what you need.