How to increase the volume on the Asus laptop


Even with the volume all the way to "11", the volume on my Asus laptop is often not loud enough. How can I increase the volume?

Best Answer

Tl;dr: delete Audio Wizard.

Some ASUS machines come with a software called Audio Wizard. (When you plug in a pair of headphones or a speaker, smart audio will pop up automatically, and in the bottom right corner you'll see the icon and something like "open audio wizard"). It allows you to mess around with the sound and has several settings such as "music" "movie" etc. DELETE THIS PROGRAM. After deleting this, the volume on my laptop became significantly louder. I think it was just dampening certain frequencies for effect.

I found out how to solve this problem on my own 2019 laptop and couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet, so although this was posted two years ago, I am leaving it here for posterity.