How to import UDL into Notepad++


I need to make code formatting for an Excel formula. I find this link inside which there is a ZIP file with a definition and UDL.

My problem is that the explanation for UDL is a bit blurry for me:

and the UDL file can be imported within the UDL

How do I import UDL inside Notepad++?

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How do I import a UDL (User Defined Language) into Notepad++?

Simple Install:

  • Menu -> "Language" -> "Define your language..."

    This opens the "User Defined Language" dialog:

    enter image description here

  • Click "Import" and navigate to the UDL file.

Manual Install:

  • Unpack to an .xml file, if zipped;

  • If you don't have an userDefineLang.xml file already, copy this file into the Notepad++ Install Folder.

    It should be named userDefineLang.xml.


    • It was reported that "creating the XML file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++ on 64-bit Windows 7 didn’t add the syntax highlighting to notepad++. I had to move the XML file to <user>\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++ for it to work."
  • Otherwise, open both the existing and new file.

  • Select all of the new file, copy, and paste at the end of the current file.

  • This will have created a spurious </Notepad_Plus><Notepad_plus> pair in the middle of the file, each tag on a line by itself. Remove these two consecutive lines.

  • Close Notepad++.

Your Languages menu will show the newly added language at the bottom, next time you launch Notepad++.

Source How to install user defined language files

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