How to import OpenPGP key given the key ID in GnuPG


I'm having a heck of a time installing a Debian Chroot for PPC64. The problem is not debootstrap, rather, its getting GnuPG to locate and install the key I need.

The man pages for gpg are fairly useless, but that's no surprise. Searching is equally frustrating, which is leading me to believe I can't perform the simple task because GnuPG does not support it (it would not be the first time).

Here's what I have tried:

# gpg --version
gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.19
# gpg --import 75DDC3C4A499F1A18CB5F3C8CBF8D6FD518E17E1
gpg: can't open `75DDC3C4A499F1A18CB5F3C8CBF8D6FD518E17E1': No such file or directory
gpg: Total number processed: 0
# gpg --import --key 75DDC3C4A499F1A18CB5F3C8CBF8D6FD518E17E1
gpg: Option "--key" is ambiguous
# gpg --import --keyid 75DDC3C4A499F1A18CB5F3C8CBF8D6FD518E17E1
gpg: unknown keyid-format `75DDC3C4A499F1A18CB5F3C8CBF8D6FD518E17E1'

How do I instruct GnuPG to fetch and install a key based on the key ID?

Best Answer

You are using the wrong option.

--import is used if you want to import the key from a file.

--recv-keys will fetch your keys from a keyserver.