How to get C:/ on the command line

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I am on Windows 10.

What I am trying to do is load Adobe Dreamweaver extensions via the command line on Windows. I want to navigate to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CSx\

I am following the instructions here.

If I choose Command Prompt (Admin) I get C:\Windows\system32>

If I choose Command Prompt only I get C:\Users\USER>

How do I get to C:\

This is what is happening. See screen recording

Best Answer

Typing cd \ will move you from any folder on the drive to the root folder of that drive.

If you're in C:\Windows\System32, type cd \ and press Enter to move to C:\.

If the path has spaces, enclose it in double-quotes. So, in your case, from C:\Users\YourName, type cd "\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CSx\" and then Enter.

Other useful options:

Typing cd .. will move you up one level from the current directory (for instance, from C:\Windows\System32 to C:\Windows

Typing cd \newfolder will move you to a new folder relative to the drive root (for example, from C:\Windows\System32 to C:\Users\YourName, type cd \Users\YourName).

Typing cd /d d:\temp will change drives and directories in one operation (for instance, from C:\Users to D:\temp)

Type cd /? at the command prompt for more options.

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