Firefox – How to fix the “Firefox using max CPU” problem

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Every now and then while browsing, my Firefox CPU usage shoots up to the max possible (that's 50% for my dual processor laptop). It remains at max usage even when I close all the tabs. In fact, the Firefox process keeps running even after I close Firefox. I have to go to the Task Manager and close it manually.

I observe this both on my home (64 bit Windows 7) and my work (64bit Windows Vista) computers. Here are the add-ons I have installed on both:

  • Adblock Plus
  • Delicious Bookmarks
  • Ubiquity
  • Xmarks

Does anyone have a solution?

Best Answer

Yes, mine does it occasionally as well, it is a unacknowledged bug in the latest version of flash.

It doesn't take long to Google and find MANY other people with the same issue (Doesn't matter if you use Chrome, Firefox or IE).

I was browsing the Adobe forum recently and found a page linking to this. Adobe don't seem to support people on their own forums, but pay this company and monitor3complaints here!

I don't know what is causing it as I made a very intensive flash site and the CPU doesn't break a sweat where as a simple small advert on others causes 100% CPU as you report. When I installed Adblock Plus, it blocked these adverts and the CPU was normal.

It doesn't help though on some sites where there is needed flash which causes problems. I have no idea what features in flash actually cause this.

*I know it is flash because as a test I downgraded the version and the CPU never went above 30% on some pages then the moment I upgraded to latest, the same page just jumped to 100%

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