How to enter BIOS or boot menu of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11


Volume up + win key (on the screen, not on the keyboard) didn't help.

How can I enter the BIOS on a Yoga 11? Model name 2696. I just want to install a Windows 8 64bit on it from USB stick.

I cannot remove the battery, since it has a built-in one.

I cannot disassemble this notebook, since I don't have the special screwdriver that it needs.

UPDATE: I tried pressing volume up+win key (win key on the screen) + pressing power:

enter image description here

Best Answer

On Lenovo ideapads, If hotkey is enabled use fn+f2 for bios setup and fn+f12 for boot menu.

If hotkey is disabled then f2 and f12. Press the key(s) and power on while still pressing it.

If you need to boot from cd then insert CD before shutdown and power on with f12. The CD option will appear if CD is inserted. Hotkeys are disabled or enabled in bios setup.

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