How to enable VT when it does not appear in latest BIOS


I have Ausa Nova p20 with upgraded CPU (E6420) running Windows 7.

The latest BIOS I found is AMI 0501 but I can't find out how to enable VT. Is there another way?

Best Answer

I have just recently done this with my VAIO laptop. It required manually changing the value of a certain register. For a Phoenix BIOS this can be done with a tool called "symcmos". The method I used is described in this tutorial:

Unfortunately these probably won't be directly applicable to your problem since I guess you have a different BIOS and hardware. The trickiest part is probably knowing which register you have to modify. But maybe you're lucky and someone has already done this for your hardware, too. Just google for your computer model/BIOS version combined with the right keywords.

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