How to enable the touchpad on a Compaq Presario


I accidentally disabled the touchpad on a laptop (Presario CQ62 running Windows. I think I must have hit some shortcut key. How can I enable it again?

Best Answer

It depends on your model and operating system. Here are three possible solutions:

  1. (For Windows) Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> TouchPad On/Off

  2. (For any OS) Look just above your touchpad for a button, probably with an amber or blue light. If it's not there, look along the top of your function keys for an icon that looks like your touchpad.

  3. (For Windows) Go to Start, right click My Computer. Go to properties. Click on the hardware tab and go into it. Click on Device Manager. Look for your touch pad. Right click it and go to properties. You should have an option there to enable it.

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