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The new Settings menu for Microsoft Edge does not seem to contain a way of disabling JavaScript. Going through Internet Options and disabling Active Scripting turns of JavaScript for IE11, but does not have an effect on Microsoft Edge.

Is there a way to disable JavaScript on the Microsoft Edge browser?

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Jan 2020 -- Edge 79 (Chromium Based)

If you have opted to download the Chromium based Edge (at the time of writing this is the only way to get the Chromium Based version),you can disable javaScript

Disable JavaScript for Browsing Purposes

You can get to the JavaScript Options by either visiting edge://settings/content/javascript, OR clicking on Settings and more (Elipses) > Site Permissions > JavaScript

From Here you can disable (block) JavaScript or enable (allow) it. You can also do this on a per site basis.

JavaScript Settings

Disable JavaScript for Development Purposes

If you are using the DevTools (Ctrl+Shift+I OR Right-Click on page and Click Inspect), you can bring up the Command Menu and start typing >disable JavaScript and select the Debugger Disable JavaScript option. You can re-enable JavaScript by following the same steps, but instead start typing >enable JavaScript

NOTE: you may or may not have to type the > (greater than symbol) depending on if it is already present.

Disable JavaScript using DevTools

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