How to disable direct download and torrents


Is there any way to disable direct download and torrents from the router? Or from the computer?I have a slow internet connection (.40 mbps) and I'm sharing it with another person.
Please help. If you need further details then just ask in the comments. Thanks!

Best Answer

Many home routers are not that granular to allow blocking of download ports, and I checked your manual, but I was surprised to find yours could.

You have a number of options on pages 39-42 below, but the one I would go for is:

  1. Enable the firewall, and block any ports his applications use, usually a random port between 1024-65535 for torrent apps, so block them all. You can do this for his IP address specifically, be warned, he may try to change his IP address to get around it, so you may need to include multiple IP's. You can try giving yourself a static IP address of for example, and then deny every other address above it access to those ports.

If he does change the port he uses to one of the lower ports, simply block every IP address except yours from even getting on the Internet, and tell him it will stay that way until he stops downloading, at least when you are home. (pages 39-42)

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