How to create a formula for every row in a column in Google SpreadSheet


I use three columns. A, B and C.
In column C I have a formula every row =A1*(1.6*B1) and then for the next row I have =A2*(1.6*B2) in C2.

How can I do so I don't have to type in the new formula in column C for every row?

I use it in both Google Docs SpreadSheet and OpenOffice SpreadSheet.

Best Answer

Using the Mouse

  1. Click the cell whose formula you want to repeat
  2. A dark square "handle" will appear in the lower right corner

    Location of Drag box

  3. Click and drag that handle, dragging down the column (or right across the row). You can also double click the handle to auto-fill.

    Dragging the box

  4. Stop at the last cell you wish to fill

Using the Keyboard

  1. Move the cursor to the cell whose formula you want to repeat
  2. Hold shift
  3. While holding, press down repeatedly to select the rest of the range of cells you want to fill
  4. When you reach the bottom, release shift then press CTRL + D (Use CTRL + R if you're filling to the right)(Using this method also preserves notes, unlike the mouse solution.)

In both cases what you're doing is called "filling." It is supported by every(?) spreadsheet program.

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