How to Configure Windows to Use an IPv6 Connection


"Looking towards IPv6":

…we're pleased to let you
know that Google search is also
available over IPv6 at
(you'll need an IPv6 connection to
view it).

I tried visiting, but the page could not be displayed:

enter image description here

What must be done for the computer to render the website

Best Answer

First the good news. Your computer is probably perfectly able to do ipv6. And now the bad news, this probably has more to do with your ISP and less to do with your OS. All current versions of modern OSs have support for ipv6 (Linux, Mac, Windows 7). You'll need to tunnel ipv6 traffic from your computer past your ISP (that doesn't yet support it) out to the internet at large.

There are a few basic technologies for getting your traffic out to ipv6 networks:

  • ISATAP (not really useful, let's ignore it)
  • 6to4 (Windows as of Vista turns this on if it has a public ipv4)
  • 6rd (requires your ISP to run a 6rd relay, could be unlikely)
  • Teredo (high-overhead tunneling, can work through NATs)

What you're really looking at is a choice between 6to4 and Teredo. You may have more luck using Teredo at the cost of higher overhead.

There was a great presentation for my local LUG that explains a lot (in pretty good detail) here is a link to the presentation materials.

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