How to Combine Two AutoHotkey Scripts into One

autohotkeywindows xp

I want to combine the following two scripts into one:

How can I do this?

Note that whenever I use these AutoHotkey scripts with form input, it presses the Enter key automatically which I don't want.

Best Answer

Select text, press Alt-R

"My Filename" to "my-filename"
"MY FILENAME" to "my-filename"
"my filename" to "MY-FILENAME"
Preserves original clipboard contents

#SingleInstance Force

save := ClipboardAll
Send ^c
original_filename := Clipboard
StringReplace, hyphen_filename, original_filename, %A_SPACE%, -, All
StringLower, hyphen_filename_toggle, hyphen_filename
If (hyphen_filename_toggle == hyphen_filename)
    StringUpper, hyphen_filename_toggle, hyphen_filename
Clipboard := hyphen_filename_toggle
Send ^v
Clipboard := save