How to change the BIOS splash screen on HP Pavilion G4 1303AU


My cousin got a laptop model HP Pavilion G4 1303AU from the government of my state.
The laptop dual-boots Ubuntu and Windows 7.

Everything is great except the BIOS logo at boot which I would like to change but don't
know how to. I tried to flash a new BIOS firmware, but this didn't change the logo.

I found this link for the same model and the same problem, but no success there either.
Also I saw this blog post which wasn't helpful, except for this comment that mentioned an image in .ROM format.

Not wishing to decompile and recompile the BIOS, can someone help me out with a step by step guide ?

Best Answer

The splash screen you are seeing probably comes from GRUB, the multi-boot manager, which was installed by the Ubuntu installer when it was installed in dual-boot with Windows.

You should boot into Ubuntu, use sudo to edit the file /etc/default/grub and change the line that says GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=<number>, which specifies the number of seconds that the splash screen will be displayed.

Make that line read GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0, so the display will disappear after zero seconds (no display) and save the file.

Then run sudo update-grub and reboot.


As you say that you got got rid of GRUB, you are now left with the problem of changing the image that is burned into the BIOS itself.

The official HP BIOS for your computer can be found in this download address. This will install the HP standard logo with the BIOS.

If you don't like this logo, then you need to modify the BIOS, which is always a risky adventure. Ensure first that you have a boot CD or USB that can reinstall your current BIOS, as the chance does exist that bad BIOS will brick your computer.

A tutorial that shows how to change the BIOS image can be found in Donovan's blog :
Insyde BIOS Modding: Splash Screen Logo, which uses chiefly Andy's Phoenix tool Insyde BIOS and other tools. Read also the comments for the article which pertain to your computer model.

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