How to back up the VS Code settings and list of installed extensions


I've just been through the VS Code installation process twice. The initial install is quick and painless (as is the editor itself), but I have had to remember the list of extensions I installed and am installing new ones a great rate.

With Sublime Text, I'd just copy a settings file to another PC and could auto-install any workflow dependencies that way, but what is the approach with VS Code?

Can I just back up a JSON 'settings' file or similar so that I can easily re-create my working environment (complete with extensions)?

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I've submitted an answer for this on the main StackOverflow site - pasted below for context

I've need to do this myself a few times - especially when installing on another machine.

Depending on your platform VS Code looks for your extensions folder (.vscode/extensions) on one of the following paths:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions
  • Mac: ~/.vscode/extensions
  • Linux: ~/.vscode/extensions

That should show you a list of the extensions

I've also had success using Visual Studio Code Settings Sync Extension to sync settings to GitHub gist

EDIT: In the lastest release of VSCode (May 2016) it is now possible to list the installed extension in the command line

code --list-extensions
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