How many pixels is the A3 format


The A3 format gives the dimension in centimeters, but if I draw an image programmatically I may know just the pixels, for example I have an image of 800×1200 and so on …

So the question is: I must provide a JPEG file that fits into an A3 format, how many pixels will it be?

Best Answer

Paper size of A3 11.69 x 16.54 in inches and 29.7 x 42 in cm according to paper sizes.

Image dimension in pixels per page can be calculated using the following formula:

width in pixels = paper width in inches * dpi horizontal/scaling horizontal 
height in pixels = paper height in inches * dpi vertical/scaling vertical 

if you set A3 as current paper size, and print at 200 x 100 dpi at that page, the generated image dimension per page will be (approximately):

11.69 X 200dpi = 2338 pixels in width.
16.54 X 100dpi = 1654 pixels in height.

Hope it helps.

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