How does one swap two panes in Tmux

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I have two panes in horizontal split. I'd like to have the pane currently on the right to be on the left in the window. I'm not talking about moving the focus (Ctrl+B o). How do I achieve this?

'left pane' <–> 'right pane'

Best Answer

The swap-pane command can do this for you. The { and } keys are bound to swap-pane -U and swap-pane -D in the default configuration.

So, to effect your desired change, you can probably use Prefix { when you are in the right pane (or Prefix } if you are in the left pane).

The -U and -D refer to “up” and “down” in the pane index order (“up” is the same direction that Prefix o moves across panes). You can see the pane indices with display-panes (Prefix q, by default).

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