Windows – How do you remove old Windows Vista Backups


I've been backing up my Vista box using Complete PC backup for quite a while now, and I was just wondering how it is that you remove old backups when your backup drive is to full for another backup.

I recently received the following error:

The backup did not complete

An error occurred. The following
information might help you resolve the

There is not enough space to save the
backup files. Free up disk space or
change your backup settings.

I don't see anything in the settings for the backup to change this. Do I have to mount the backup to delete an old backup? If so where is that file located?

Update Posted my question here

Best Answer

Well that was dumb. Pretty strait forward that.

On your backup drive look for a folder with the name of your computer (Start->Computer->Right click select properties)

Inside this directory here will be directories with a name format similar to:

Backup Set YYYY-MM-DD <6 digits>

Additionally on the drive, there may be a directory called WindowsImageBackup\<your-computer-name> and this will contain directories with the same name format as above.

Based on the date, delete the old backups.

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